Happiness is Horizontal was founded in 1979 in direct response to the borning of a child. This small mind flourished into what many would today describe as an idiot.

Choosing not to move from his home-town of Derby Uk due to transportation issues, David makes artworks from a tiny recces – a repurposed wardrobe. Workshop tours available on request (however it can be cramped).

David makes things from a variety of materials – wood, cardboard & used llamas.

David is also available for hire as a lion for kids parties, for which he has gained a great reputation locally. He is Covid-19 secure (as you can see) and carries various wipes in his bag. Find out more on the ‘parties’ page. £50 per 2 r session plus sandwich costs.

Please stay safe, cleanse extremities often & don’t hire lions for parties. Love to all.